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We deliver scalable and technologically advanced cloud solutions for mobile and web

Our software development approach is designed to add the most value and positive user experience to your product. By offering you our collective expertise, agile approach to development and a pallet of technology choices, we’re able to deliver desired results with minimum friction and in less time.

Years of experience taught us that in order to achieve business goals, compromises need to be reduced to the minimum. By embracing a unified architecture and thoughtful API design, we're able to deliver a fast and consistent cross-platform experience to the products we build and ensure user satisfaction.


Solutions we've built with our partners

Bank to the future

Bank To The Future

Global online investment platform that allows qualifying investors to invest in financial innovation.

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Our teams help you reach business goals through agile software development.

Completing the project within the desired timeframe and budget was a major concern and Exlabs performed superbly exceeding our expectations. The team are great to work with, they are delightful, helpful, positive and have a marvellous 'can do' attitude. Our relationship being much more than that of a supplier and customer, Exlabs are strategic business partners as well as being people we enjoy working with.
Simon Derrick, CEO at Rosemary Conley Online

Why is Exlabs the right
partner to deliver your application?

Complete Project Delivery

Every single project we work on, has unique features and specification - that is why we approach each idea individually. Our project and product managers work closely with designers and developers to come up with most efficient way to bring your application to life.

No matter size of the project or client, we always think of strategy, planning, agile development and support.

Deep Dive

Grand design

We dig past the surface layer of what we think we know about our users. Detailed analysis allows us to better understand your idea and business model. We clarify technical opportunities and challenges, define features, user personas and stories before making any decisions about development.



Sprint 0

That is where we work out project backlog - prioritized features list with brief descriptions of functionality desired in the application. After this stage you will know plan that assigns each feature/user story to an iteration/sprint. You will also learn about high-level application architecture, i.e. how the features will likely be implemented.

Agile Development

Self-managed Scrum teams

We take building user experiences very seriously. Our process is based on SCRUM, which is an iterative and incremetal framework for managing application development. In high collaboration with our designers, our end products are ensured to meet the quality we're known to deliver.


Product release


After an intense round of testing, we deploy your application. "Shipping" is an exciting and nerve-racking time and we’ll be there to support you the whole way through. As you on-board new users, we’ll assist you by fine-tuning the application to more effectively engage new users.

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