Team as a Service

Embrace technical talent and experience and build your product without loss of control

What is it?

TaaS is a solution optimised to help you achieve business goals through agile software development. Our self-organising product teams are collocated outside of your office and remain completely aligned with your strategic business goals.
We’ve designed it to be a long-standing solution delivering results normally reserved to most well run in-house teams.

Who is for?

  • Entrepreneurs who understand the strategic importance of an in house technical team, but are not able to form one on their own
  • Businesses with an ongoing technical requirement but no will or determination to build and maintain a technical team themselves.
  • Start-up founders with limited experience in software engineering who are looking for relevant expertise and a cost-effective way to make their product come real.

Let us help you reach business goals through TaaS and agile software development

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Why it works

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How Teams as a Service for hire worked for Bank To The Future

  • 4 developer strong product team collocated in Gliwice collaborating similarly to the in-house team but more cost efficient and flexible
  • Battle tested development process and Exlabs collective expertise to maximise productivity
  • Smooth changes in team structure depending on technical expertise required at given stage of product development

TaaS gives you the best of both worlds

Teams as a Service In-house Development Typical Outsourcing
Strategic commitment, focus and dedication of the delivery team
Full visibility of progress and feeling of control
Sourcecode ownership clarity
No setup costs
Access to multiple technology stacks and experience of a much bigger team
Established and battle tested delivery and release process
Guidance and support from outside accomplished professionals
Speed to market
Fixed delivery cost

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