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We deeply believe in direct correlation between a robust and sustainable development process and product success.
Combining our vast experience and persevering dedication is our way of ensuring we are
adding consistent value to your product and business.

Goal alignment

The sad reality is that business model of majority of the software development industry is by definition opposite to that of their clients.

They define success by securing clients, delivering on projects, and working on multiple projects at a time. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, by nature define it by building and innovating businesses that generate revenue and disrupt markets. This takes time and is very difficult to achieve with a tactical partner whose true goals are not aligned with yours.


Remain in charge

Over the years we’ve also learned that one of the main reasons for project failure is insufficient control over the product during its creation process - something very characteristic of traditional development outsourcing.

On the other hand we’re well aware that building and maintaining a technical team can be an expenditure and challenge that’s hard to justify, especially when you don’t consider yourself a technology company.


The process of creating a software application is not an easy one. Even with many years of mastering the craft and working on dozens of innovative solutions, we're still fine tuning our practises for production efficiency as well as the resulting business goals for our partners.

Hand Shake

Partner. Not vendor.

We understand that you want to keep control over a strategic part of the business, but need a partner with the experience to lead you through all the technological challenges.

Our approach makes us predisposed to not only help you release a product with most value at a minimum upfront cost; but also to play an key role in achieving long term business goals for your business.

We have battled with finding partners that don’t just create software, but are on top of technological innovation and can communicate and understand a vision well for years. When we came across Exlabs we finally found the right match.

Technically gifted, entrepreneurial and fully capable of building well designed and complex software applications.
Simon Dixon, CEO at BnktotheFuture.com

Is your business a technology company?

Over the years we've realised that most of our partners are not in fact tech businesses. They embrace technology as an enabler but their core value proposition remains in the end-to-end solution offered, instead of the code.


Building and maintaining an in house dev team takes an amount of time, money, energy and, most importantly, experience, that's easy to underestimate. If you don't consider yourself to be a technology company, Team as a Service is a way to embrace it.
TaaS allows you to focus on your core strengths and value delivered to your customers and users, while Exlabs maintains a high-performing product delivery team.

Aligned with your needs

For some companies trade secrets and the Intellectual Property are in the technology itself. When speed to market and delivering a proof of concept very fast are paramount, it is still quicker and more cost effective to achieve business goals with an on-call development team than starting with one right away.


With our Team as a Service approach, such tactical choice can be of strategic importance too. With a clear exit in mind, we can help you deliver a Minimum Viable Product fast, while supporting you in formation of an internal team and their onboarding.
This way you ensure frictionless succession and remain confident your technology is built with resonsible processes in place from the start. And if you decide our expertise is of long term benefit, our partnership may continue through Team augmentation.​​​​​​​


  • Do you work on fixed price projects?

    Starting the relationship with a contracted fixed price would make us work against each other dray day one. Instead of focusing on designing the product experience or evaluating what assumptions were wrong, they spend time negotiating about what was meant in a document written a long time ago or focusing on arbitrary deadlines. But it's worse than negotiating; it's retroactively discussing something that no one remembers the same way. As you might have guessed, we don't do fixed-bid, fixed-feature-set proposals.

  • What technology stacks do you have expertise in?

    Even though you could call us technology polyglots, there’s a few stacks we have a particular expertise in: Ruby on Rails, Angular.JS and React Native. You can read more about this here.

  • How do you deal with urgent bug fixing?

    We are trying to ensure that products we develop for our client are free of any errors. However, everybody familiar with software development practice knows that sometimes bugs occur even in the top quality applications.Our team adresses and fix any errors as soon as possible.

  • What do you mean by ‘aligned interests’?

    It’s very simple - as opposed to the vast majority of the market, our business model and hence loyalty are completely aligned with yours. The alignment transpires from the very core i.e. development process and the level of control you have over the product delivery and the team, as well as the longevity of the relationship. By not dividing our attention and giving you exclusive attention of the team in exchange for a fixed monthly fee, you have a peace of mind that your product will not get deprioritised by our team at any point in time.

  • What’s my role in the process?

    Apart from being a stakeholder and owner of the developed Intellectual Property in the legal sense, you’re also expected to play a very essential role of a Product Owner which is an essential duty dictated by Scrum. If you have not fulfilled the role in the past, we’ll help you to get on the right track. In terms of time commitment, it’s witout a doubt high, with a presence at the Sprint Planning, Backlog Grooming and Daily Standups as a minimum.

  • Do you accept Bitcoin?

    Yes, we do. We’re very committed to the new, decentralised way of thinking.

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