Our values

Turning ideas into products and products into successful businesses

  • Bulb

    Make the good idea better

    Working on new, innovative products is a creative process and getting deeply involved in it is our priority. Questionning, intarating and adapting are all parts of Exlabs' DNA - we are not afraid to speak up and provide guidance to our clients.

    Creating great ideas is not only about unorthodox thought patterns but also best available technology, lean management and optimal solutions - and we are all over it.

  • Tools

    Build it like your own product

    Delivering awesome product is not possible without partnership with our clients and openly collaborating rather than simply delivering lines of code.

    We are incredibly lucky to work on applications that change the way people and businesses function. We don't take it for granted, that's why we approach each and every project as one of our own.

  • Code

    What would end-user do?

    Programming is thinking, not typing - that is why our we try to look at each product from the perspective of end-users.

    How they think, what they will clickon, what they will write, the language used will all have a major impact on final success of the product.

  • Zoom

    No secrets. Full transparency

    Transparency breeds trust, and trust is the foundation of great teamwork. Both our clients and employees have access to any information they want, not just the information we are willing to share.

    We offer ourselves up for judgement and want to learn from our mistakes.

  • Chart

    Follow the pareto principle

    We never settle and always try to optimize. Pareto prinicple states that 80% results come from 20% of effort - keeping that in mind we frequently ask whether it is possible to find a small thing that will have a great effect.

    What we learnt from years of experiance is that there is a room for improvement.

  • Hands

    Play, as a team

    We spend so much time at work - why not make fun? We can be serious, without taking ourselves too seriously.

    We always remember that it's not about one person - it's about the team whether we are in a meeting room, at company retreat or in our office kitchen.

  • Forward

    Learn and pay it forward!

    Contributing is a great way to have some fun while learning new stuff. Any time we polish new skill or create new framework we describe it in a blog post.

    We’ve benefited from others sharing their experiences and code, so we try to pay it back.