You need a Design Sprint.

Shaping a product solution through deep understanding of your business goals

Core value proposition under scrutiny

Design Sprint enables us to focus the energy on the core content and strategy unique to your product and needs.

It's a powerful and extremely efficient way to clarify and shape product solution, get all the project stakeholders on the same page and get product roadmap ready for production. We define software development as a craft of embracing technology to achieve specific business goals. This can only happen when the product roadmap is based on validated end user needs. Together we create a Business Model Canvas which allows us to clearly identify user personas and core value proposition and turn them into relevant user stories.

The process takes your ideas and refines them into an actionable product plan designed to make your vision come to life.

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5 steps distillation process we use to design great products

Deep dive Understanding business goals

The aim of the process is simple - clarify and shape product solution and get all the project stakeholders on the same page. It's one of the most important steps of the entire process. Our years of diverse experience provide a deep sense of sanity check to the assumptions, goals and ambitions.

A key outcome of this process is a complete Business Model Canvas. This will help everyone involved to reiterate the key product personas, value proposition, distribution channels and more.

Board Deep dive:
Vision, User Personas, Goals, Risk & Constraints
Mapping Mapping:
Key Features, Competetive Research, Risk Mitigation

Mapping User stories and key features

We then put ourselves in the shoes of each user type and define a set of actions that each would take to realise the application's purpose. These stories live on sticky notes to give everyone an overall view of how users will interact with the site.

This allows us to define essential product functionalities which in turn will help us to prioritise the development and focus on the functionalities that will give the users the most benefit first.

Mapping Mapping:
Key Features, Competetive Research, Risk Mitigation

Story boarding Defining core interactions

To bring the user stories to life, we sketch a few key screens and interactions of the application. This helps all stakeholders to get a clear picture of how the the stories will be transferred into a visual interface for users, as well as a showcase of what our design process entails.

Research Story boarding:
Mockups & Main Wireframes
Technology Technology:
Proposed Solutions, Workflows, Architecture & Tech Stack

Technology Architecture and Tech Stack

It is essential to choose a technology stack that will give the product the best balance between speed and cost of development and long term suitability.

We'll propose a high level system architecture for optimal performance as well as a tech stack that will meet both the functional, as well as non functional requirements best.

Technology Technology:
Proposed Solutions, Workflows, Architecture & Tech Stack

Product Roadmap Essential Estimation

Even though we are Scrum evangelists, we totally understand the need to work around deadlines and financial constraints. Our years of experience in diverse angles of software development allow us to convert the user stories and wireframes into a suggested product roadmap and suggested budget as a tool to measure the return on your investment.

Planning Product Roadmap:
Time Estimates, Budget

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Key outcomes

Deliverable Description
Product Vision Refined picture of what your product is alming to achieve and problems it resolves
Personas Description of group of users who are simillar in terms of behavioral pattern in tdeir purchasing decisions, use of technology, lifestyle, choices, etc.
Key Features List of all features of your product prioritized by their importance and divided into sprints.
Product flow diagrams Paths a user follow through yout application interface to complete a desired task (e.g. make a purchase)
Competitive Analysis List of key competitors and characteristics of their products’ features and competitve advantages.
Risks The risks, whether business or technical, associated with the product and mitigation plan.
Architecture and Tech Stack Diagram of the system’s architecture and description of technologies that should be used.
User Stories The first one or two iterations worth of users stories, prioritized and stimated, so development can begin immeditely.
Estimate High level project estimate and resource schedule.

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