Cloud Maturity Discovery

A comprehensive assessment is the first step of a successful Cloud Strategy

A successful migration starts with a robust evaluation of your existing infrastructure with a context of your business goals. Our Discovery process will help you understand your situation, challenge your team and get confidence while moving forward.

How this assessment will help my organisation?

Dealing with complex IT systems require to look at the big picture first, plan well and tackle the problem at its core. Our extensive information gathering process will review your existing situation and result with a documented landscape and outline possible bottlenecks, which will de-riskify your further cloud adoption activities.

How we engage?

During our assessment process, we leave no stone unturned, providing you with unbiased, detailed view into your processes, infrastructure architecture and most importantly – your team and culture. We provide a customised approach, though usually explore following areas:

  • Organisation Culture – the hardest part of cloud adoption is a culture shift of your whole team. We often observe organisations taking a shortcut with a Lift-And-Shift approach, which doesn’t necessarily results with expected benefits.
  • Delivery Workflow – we will look at your process and assess if it’s operating optimally
  • Application Architecture – whether you’re dealing with a monolith, set of legacy systems or DDD architecture, your current architecture won’t go away
  • Technology Stack – what are strengths and weaknesses of your current technology stack and how it can be aligned with further cloud adoption as well as with your team capabilities?
  • Infrastructure  – assess how state of your current infrastructure may affect delivery capabilities
  • Security – before you can adopt cloud with confidence, you need to make sure proper security processes are in place.

What’s the outcome?

As a result of our Discovery process, you can expect following outcomes:

  • Cloud Native Assessment – based on our Discovery process
  • Discovery Session – Information acquired during our Discovery process will be presented to management and your team, explaining current situation, opportunities areas
  • Roadmap Report – Our team of experts will support you with custom strategy plan, outlining key milestones and total cost of ownership analysis for your new cloud platform.

What’s next?

The Discovery is just a beginning of your cloud journey, though equipped with solid picture of your situation and strategy you can proceed forward. Exlabs can support you with running proof of concept or further team training.

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