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Buddle is an application that helps its users to stay motivated to lose weight whilst enjoying the food they love with the help of personal diet coach. You can track what you eat with an easy-to-use photo food diary and get daily feedback, tips and support from your coach.

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Communication and cultural differences can often cause problems in a client-supplier relationship, particularly when working in the fast-paced start-up phase of any project where agility and iteration are key. Since day one Exlabs' team have been reliable, the communication has been clear and responsive, and the relationship has developed into a strategic partnership that is of great importance to our organisation.

Tom Barclay, CTO at Buddle


A 3-way communication setup is very complex when you think about scale and efficency. We've carefully engineered it using multiple database technologies for optimal performance at every step of the way. We've released beautifully designed and functional app which fully utilises the features provided by the modern hardware. Both of them have been created independently and simultaneously by separate teams thanks to faultless communication.

  • Front-end

  • Back-end

  • iOS App

  • Api


  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Redis