Team Augmentation

Flexible resources introduced with a specific goal in mind

Should you decide to move product development back in-house completely, it is often difficult to cater for every aspect of strategic planning and implementation with a small team.

At this point you manage your own processes and every external intervention is a workflow disruption and most importantly a risk. You no longer need the guidance about what to do, when and why, yet finding the right level of resourcing often proves to be a challenge.

We understand the challenges of running a small team and we're ready to continue supporting you in achieving your business goals through Team Augmentation

All roads lead to technology

We are dedicated towards deploying the most up to date and technologically advanced solutions available in the market.
Our teams strive to give you solutions that offer optimal performance.

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With Team Augmentation you take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Speedometer

    Flexible resource allocation

    Flexible resource allocation and an ability to scale up and down quickly, according to needs

  • Risk

    No workflow disruptions or risk

    After all we breath Scrum and understand the workflow and team roles you operate

  • Expert

    Ability to bring in an expert

    Ability to bring in an expert on a project basis without committing long term

  • Switch user

    An ability to quickly rotate in a new team member

    if someone gets sick, leaves the company, or is ready to rotate to a new project

Exlabs team are highly skilled, reliable, and easy to work with. They are happy to integrate seamlessly into a remote team. We especially value their openness to discussing technology ideas, and ability to challenge our thinking. As CTO, I am very pleased with how the relationship with Exlabs has developed. The team have produced extremely good quality work, are fun to work with, and are reliable team members.
Richard Larcombe, CTO at Rise To

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