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Strategic allignment

Our processes are built on three pillars of SCRUM method: Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation. With Team as a Service, our dedicated software Development Team becomes your partner. No management barrier translates to consistent communication which is essential to achieving business goals.

The approach is designed to be a long-standing solution delivering results normally reserved to focused in-house teams.

Jira, GitHub, slack, Scrum

Technology expertise

Our teams of accomplished professionals are able to break down complex business problems into manageable chunks of software and release them early and often.

Our streamlined production processes and optimal technology choices allow us to maximise efficiency and minimise risk ensuring an optimal return on your investment.

Ruby on Rails, Html5, CSS3, Angular.js, Bootstrap

Your business goals. Our talent. One team.

Building outstanding products is a well designed process


Grand Design

A powerful and extremely efficient way to clarify and shape product solution through deep understanding of your business goals.


Agile development

Scrum helps us to develop rapidly with unparalleled productivity and quality control. It also ensures maximum flexibility to cater for any change of assumptions.



To give the product the best possible chance of success we need to rise above client-vendor relations. Lack of managerial barrier helps us to drastically improve communication.



Great design and code is not everything. We'll work with you to establish an optimal launch plan by setting up QA tests, reviewing security policies and helping you plan the next phases of product growth.

Who we are

We are teams of adept product designers and developers. Behind the scene?
Open-minded people driven by passion and curiosity - which makes us pretty confident we'll get along just fine.

Meet our team

Exlabs team are highly skilled, reliable, and easy to work with. They are happy to integrate seamlessly into a remote team. We especially value their openness to discussing technology ideas, and ability to challenge our thinking.
Richard Larcombe, CTO at Rise To

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