Bespoke Software and Cloud Solutions for Business

Exlabs builds robust and reliable backend systems, web & mobile applications and cloud services.

Why Work with Exlabs?

Since 2011, Exlabs enables companies to succeed with Agile DevOps and Cloud to stay ahead of competition.

Our mission is to bring innovative, born in the web tools and processes into more traditional businesses with professional consulting and training services.

We understand that security and compliance are top priorities, and we take it seriously.

Exlabs team of cloud passionates provides professional consulting and integration services on various aspects of distributed applications.

We believe in using the best tool for the job. Nevertheless, typically we work with Kubernetes, Docker, Node.js, React and AWS Cloud.

We also offer in-house trainings, which can help your team dive deep into  Microservices, Software Architecture, Serverless or Blockchain adoption.

On top of that, we share our learnings, contribute to open-source and chill out occasionally.

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